Reporting a Common Repair

Common Repairs Service

CDHA have an approved list of contractors whom we use for our repairs and maintenance. In case of any emergency repairs please contact:

Boiler & Gas Central Heating – 0800 595 595 (City Building)

For everything else, including:

Electrical/Joinery/Plumbing & Roofing Repairs – 0141 556 3500 (CLC All Trades)

Please remember, this is only for common repairs. If you have a repair that is individual to your flat such as a leaking cistern, central heating breakdown or something which only affects your flat, this is not covered and you will need to contact your own contractor.

Prompt reporting of repairs will maximise the lifespan of the property and can cost less if identified at an early stage. 

Reporting a Common Repair

Repairs can be reported in the first instance to CDHA by:

Telephone on 0141 633 2779 (option 1)

Letter or in person to CDHA, 3/5 Rhannan Road, Glasgow, G44 3AZ

Email to    

Emergency repairs required outside normal business hours should be reported directly to the contractor using the numbers provided above.

Emergency call outs, together with any temporary repairs, incur charges that will be recharged to the owners within the block. Your share of costs for any repairs will be billed to you after completion.

Quality or cost of works enquiries

Any complaints about the repair service, including quality of work, should be reported as soon as possible for investigation. Owners should not wait until the bill arrives to make a complaint. The quicker we find out about it, the quicker we can get things sorted for you.