The Association currently factor 442 properties in the area.

The main responsibility of the Association as Managing Agent is the general management and administration of the properties.  The Managing Agent has specific powers, duties and responsibilities as defined in the Deeds of Conditions, but can be summarised as follows:

a)  To arrange and oversee the maintenance , general upkeep, repair and any improvements requiring to be carried out to the common parts of the property, including  cyclical maintenance programmes.

b)  To instruct minor repairs up to a fixed sum of £2,000 without reference to the proprietors, and to obtain the necessary authority from the proprietors where larger repairs are required.

c)  To convene proprietors meetings when required or as requested by the proprietors.

d)  To ensure compliance by proprietors with obligations

e)  To invoice proprietors and be accountable for expenditure incurred on proprietors' behalf.  To recover outstanding debts by the various methods available.

f)  To ensure that all properties factored by the Association are insured for Fire, Storm and Property Owners Liability.


We are currently in the process of updating our system and would be obliged if you would complete and return this questionnaire to ensure that all owners understand our roles as your Factors.  Questionnaire for all owners.