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Who can apply for a property?
Anyone aged 16 or over can apply to CDHA for a property.

How do I apply for a property?

You can apply for a secure tenancy with the Association through our online portal by clicking here or by completing a Housing Application form.

: You MUST upload proof of your name, address, national insurance number and 1 form of photo ID for everyone who will be moving with you over the age of 16 years (for anyone under 16, you must provide proof of their passport OR birth certificate). Your application will not be made live if these proofs are not provided (photographs of the proof can be uploaded on the last page of the application form). Once you have completed this, you will be given a reference number, which you can use for future enquiries.

If you have having any issues accessing the online application please phone on 0141 633 2779 (option 2) or email requesting an application form.

If you require assistance filling out our form please call our office to book an appointment.


What happens next?

Once we have received your application and supporting documentation we will calculate your points based on your housing need. We will then send you out a card advising you that your application is live and how many points you have been awarded. 

Unless you make contact with us, we will not be in touch with you until we are in a position to make you an offer or to arrange a viewing. At this point, a Housing Officer will contact you.

How long do I wait for a property?

The Association has a very strict points system which is used to assess applications for housing need.  It is therefore very important to complete the application form by including as much information as possible.  We currently have huge demand for our stock with very little turnover of void properties.  This makes it difficult estimating how long it will take before a tenancy is offered. 

Where are your properties?

All our properties are located locally from our offices. Our coverage includes Cathcart, Battlefield and Mount Florida.