How we are performing


Cathcart & District Housing Association is required to submit our Annual Return on the Scottish Social Housing Charter each year to the SHR. All of our returns are published on the Regulator's website, where it is also possible to compare our performance to other RSLs. 


All RSLs must submit an Annual Assurance Statement to the SHR by the end of October each year. This provides assurance that the Asssociation is complying with the relevant requirements of Chapter 3 of the SHR's Regulatory Framework. This includes the regulatory requirements which apply to social landlords and the Standards of Governance and Financial Management that apply to RSLs. 


In addition, each year we send our tenants and factored owners our Performance Report Against the Housing Charter to keep them updated on our performance. 


For an overview on our performance, please view SHR's Landlord Report. We also have an Engagement Plan with SHR which shows how they are engaging with us and any areas of our performance that they are concerned about.