Cash for Kids Coronavirus Fund

Cash for Kids Coronavirus fund for families suffering hardship due to Coronavirus can apply for a grant of £35 per child under 16.

We are making an application for Cathcart and District Housing Association tenants, who can’t access the grant elsewhere and live within postcodes G42 & G44

The criteria is your family is suffering some food/ fuel hardship due to the Coronavirus, and you must receive child benefit for the children you apply for, we are not sure what Cash for Kids will ask for at the second stage of the application, but are asking everyone to supply:

Full name, Address including postcode, National Insurance Number, and a contact number
Full names and dates of birth of the children you want to apply for

We will submit the application on your behalf, Cash for Kids will pay Southside Housing Association the grant, and we will distribute (probably as supermarket vouchers)

Please note the grants are made at the discretion of Cash for Kids, we have no part in the decision making process, and they subject to availability of funds

If you wish to apply please call the Southside Housing Association on: 0141 422 1112 (option 4) OR email

Thank you