The Management Committee (Board) is made up of a maximum of 15 local residents.

At present the structure is:

Full Committee of Management  10 members

Ms Marion McMillan (Chairperson)
Mr Alistair Penney  (Vice Chairperson)
Ms Valerie Kyle  (Treasurer)
Mr Bruce Strathearn
Mr John Forrest
Mrs Elizabeth Carter
Mrs Susan Harper
Mr Chris Carr
Mr Bobby Pollock
Mr Michael Doherty

Finance/Audit Development Sub Committee 4 members

Mr John Forrest
Ms Marion McMillan
Ms Valerie Kyle
Mrs Susan Harper

Subsidiary Board  

Christine Leitch
Gamal Haddou
Gerry Scott
Alan Ferguson


The Full Committee meets monthly and the sub committee meets quarterly. 

The Full Committee deals with all the general business and the sub committee deal more specifically with issues such as policy in order that more time can be devoted to looking at issues in more detail.  The Full Committee ratifies all of the sub committee work.

Our Staff of 12 and our part time finance consultant supports the management committee